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Fired because you refused to accept changes to your job or pay?

Were you terminated because you refused to accept significant changes to your role and/or pay at work? This is known as a constructive termination and you might be entitled to compensation from your employer.

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You were hired to complete specific tasks at your company. Sometimes employers feel they can tell their employees to take on any job, reduce their pay or hours and the employee must accept. Many times this isn’t the case and you may not have to accept unfair changes.

If you refused the following changes to your role and were terminated, it might be a constructive dismissal and you could receive financial compensation:

  • requirement that you relocate to another city for your job;
  • demotion;
  • significant changes in duties and responsibilities ie. removal of all or most reports; stripping the manager/supervisor of decision making authority;
  • decrease in salary (the amount of the decrease and the reasons thereof are relevant);
  • removal of all or some employee benefits;
  • persistent and continuous bullying; and
  • personal harassment.

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