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Kornblum Law Can Help With Employment Law

Lost Your Job?

Employment law has become a necessary service for many citizens in our country. Losing your job is shocking. When you’re let go, it’s stressful, emotionally draining and financially difficult. You might be offered a severance package, but before signing anything, ask our employment law firm in Toronto to review the documents to make sure you're being compensated fairly.

Kornblum Law will maximize your compensation package.

Whether you’ve been terminated, laid-off or find yourself out of work through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to a financial settlement from your former employer. Most companies will offer you a severance package, but the fact is you might not be getting the compensation you are entitled to by law. Before signing anything, get Kornblum Law to examine the offer to make sure you’re getting the settlement you deserve.

Kornblum Law’s will maximize your compensation package. Book a free consultation with our employment lawyers today.

Has your company changed your job without your agreement?

Has your company lowered your pay or changed your duties, work location or hours without your agreement? You might not have to accept these changes. Kornblum Law can make sure you keep the job you were hired for, and if you’ve been terminated because you refuse to accept these unwanted changes, we’ll make sure you get the compensation you deserve by law.

Experiencing a hostile work environment?

If you dread going to work because of verbal, physical or sexual harassment, threats or other disturbing issues, contact us today. By law, your workplace must be free of harassment and there’s no need to go through it. Whatever form of harassment you’ve been subjected to, Kornblum Law can assist you by negotiating a fair financial settlement.


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